Learn to Speak Czech!

We usually meet on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of each month
Class is from 9:30AM to 12:30PM.
We have students at all levels from complete beginners to native speakers.
Classes are free for Sokol members. Lesson and exercise books and an audio CD (a $40 value) are provided at no cost to members attending three classes.
Guests are welcome!
Upcoming Class Dates
21 February 2016
20 March 2016
10 April 2016
15 May 2016
map and directions Pasadena City College
1570 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106-2003
Bldg R, room 111 (Please check next door in room 113 you don't find us in 111)
Contact Jim Buchanan for more information.
(with the subject title: Czech Lessons)

Now you can learn Czech words at this <Czech Vocabulary> Website.

These photographs of <Czech Storefronts> provide another great source for learning useful Czech vocabulary.

Czech and Slovak Name Days

If you know someone with one of these Czech names, wish them all the best on their Name Day. Click here to learn more about Czech and Slovak name days.

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Dr. Miroslav Tyrs

Founded the Sokol organization in the Czech lands in 1862.

Tyrs with Sokol