Executive Board

President: Lillian Roterphone: (805) 551-2525
Vice President: Zdenka Svitek
Secretary: Darine Klega
Treasurer: Lillian Roter
Financial Secretary: Lillian Roter
Education Director: Jim Buchanan
Membership Director: Yvonne Masopust
Public Relations Director: Zdenka Svitek
Womens Physical Director: Cheri Riddle
Mens Physical Director: (vacant)

Sokol Notes

Editor: Yvonne Masopust


Janelle Palas, Mirek Vondrus, Bill Zelenka
Budget & Finance
Constitution & Bylaws
Lillian Roter
Larry Philips
Robert Zelenka, John Winsolow, Joe Riedl


Pacific District
Eva Riesner, Mirek Vondrus, Janelle Palas
Alternates: Robert Zelenka, Joe Riedl
American Czech Association
Eva Riesner, Ira Green, Bill Zelenka, Mike Vondrus, John Winslow, Natalie Zelenka, Janelle Palas, Ben Schear
Alternates: Lillian Roter, Lark Murrow

Czech and Slovak National Anthems

Listen to the anthems and learn the lyrics so you can join in with confidence when we sing these songs at our events.

Sokol Notes - Winter 2016

Read all about Sokol Los Angeles and its current happenings!

Event Photos

All of our photos can now be accessed by clicking "Event Photos" in the left column of the page.

Czech and Slovak Name Days

If you know someone with one of these Czech names, wish them all the best on their Name Day. Click here to learn more about Czech and Slovak name days.

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Dr. Miroslav Tyrs

Founded the Sokol organization in the Czech lands in 1862.

Tyrs with Sokol